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This is a very sleepy, very easy on your ears video of soft whispers ear to ear, with soothing sounds of fabrics around us :) Hope you enjoy it. Thank you'd!!! ♡ This video is a version of the White sound video but without any additional sounds for your convenience. :)

Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***

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Jul 12th 2014 800 Comments
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7 days ago
Stephen LoweSo our football (soccer) team has been going through a losing streak and we
just were tense before games and had no hope at all. I decided that I would
find some way to calm myself before a game we were probably going to lose.
I came across your channel 3 months ago (I actually watched the College
Humor skit and wondered what ASMR was) and felt instantly relaxed. I did
this before a game and I scored 2 times as we held to a 2-2 draw and I
played my best game all season. I then recommended ASMR to some Friends on
the team, and we would watch them on the way to the game. We were relaxed
and we played great as we started to draw and even win games. Then the
whole team watches your videos and we arrive relaxed and stress free. We
proceed to win 1-0. Next game, 2-1, game after that 3-1 and after that 5-3.
We held our points high enough to qualify for the tournament, went through
the group stages and the quarter finals. In the semis we went through on
penalties, but the guy who missed his on our team decided not to watch and
was stressed out. It was 45 min before kickoff of the final and we watched
one of your videos 3 times in a row. We went on to win 4-2 and set a record
for the best comeback. Thanks for the great videos, and this shows that
what you do really DOES have an impact on others! :P 
7 days ago
GentleWhispering Feeling very cuddly and lovey dovey today. So I scream from the top of the
mountains "I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE SO GOOD TO ME!" Big squeeeeeeezey hug :))) ♥
1 weeks ago
RussianInsomniacAlright, I want to try something
So I mostly get ASMR tingles in the small of my back, near my waist
Every once and a while when I am bored during maths class, I just flex that
area, and I can instantly get the sensation of ASMR, just not quite at the
same level.
Does this work for anyone else? I would like to know.
1 weeks ago
HanajimaSenseiAmazing work Maria, as always.
You are really calming in this one. And pretty. And gorgeous.

Will you like...umm...marry me?
1 weeks ago
Heather FeatherIn addition to your perfect soft whispering, this video has a very soft
look to it. When you put your hands on the viewer's head, it created a
really lovely visual. Always a pleasure, Maria. 
1 weeks ago
ASMR AngelHad a stressful night (was up until 4am) and this has been the perfect,
gentle antidote to ease me into Saturday
1 weeks ago
TheWaterwhispersThis video, A M A Z I N G (((d~_~b)))
1 weeks ago
Sarah StegsI was having such a terrible day until I saw this video in my Subscriptions
box on Youtube... I even got tears in my eyes. Maybe that is silly, but I'm
glad there is some semblance of positivity in my life today. Thank you for
all that you do.
1 weeks ago
NicholasBeesoneveryone always talks about how amazing tingles feel. what about us, the
ones who dont get tingles. who have never experienced tingles. we feel like
we are missing out so much, it sucks dude :c
1 weeks ago
LOA WhispersWas thinking about you about 2 mins before I saw this upload. Law of
Attraction at its finest :) you should look into energy healing if you
haven't yet :) 
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