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Toffee Cooking Video ^_^ mmmmm toffee.... ASMR

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Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
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Nov 26th 2014 228 Comments
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-1h 39m ago
mcn625I think I am gonna try to make this with white chocolate chips!
-1h 42m ago
Polymorphableis that pillow the same layout as the carpet from the shining
   2m ago
koopakiid16You should make some traditional Russian dishes, pretty please 😊
  55m ago
sikidiki22this looks really good Maria! i think you may have put maple syrup in your
tofee instead of corn syrup..but maybe it made it taste that much better!
im not trying to make you feel bad just letting you know :) i will be
trying this recipie out!
 1h ago
TheHauler100FINALLY A COOKING VIDEO! Make more cooking & makeup videos please?! (: 
 1h ago
HeapOfBones0:09 Toffee whatnow? Crackers? Curkels? Is this some word my tiny mind is
unfamiliar with? o.O
 1h ago
Hugh G. ErichawnOrganic sugar? Wonder what sugar filled with carbon tastes like.... Hehehe
lame joke :P
 1h ago
MsStoneHomeI love your cooking videos. So relaxing!
 1h ago
TundraNileYes! I'm finally under 301+ views! I would like to thank Maria, for
uploading these amazing videos that I've been watching for 3 years, I would
like to thank everyone reading this comment that get to cherish this
beautiful moment with me. I would also like to thank YouTube for being here
so that way Maria has a source for her videos. I would also like to thank
my parents for having me so that way I can watch this video and exist. I
would also like to thank the friends that didn't laugh at me and thought I
was weird for watching these videos.
Ok.. so I'm going to watch this video and go to sleep. zzzzzzzz....
 1h ago
WhittIsn't Wegmans the bees knees? Great video and recipe! I shall try this out
:) Have a wonderful holiday!
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