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~) Surrealist Meditative Art Tutorial (~ ASMR /Soft Spoken/Whispered

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Hello, students ;D Today I'd like to tell you and demonstrate to you a simple way of making cool hypnotic paintings with the help of glue and paint mixture called Decalcomania. I hope it will be interesting and relaxing for you to watch. Enjoy! :) ♥ thank you for your time.

0-02:19- intro and supplies needed
02:19-08:02- demonstrating the samples I've prepared for you. the one at 04:30 is my favorite :*)
08:04-14:50- applying glue paint to the file
14:54-18:30- squeezing the glue to make shapes and transferring it to the paper
20:30-end- tracing the outlines with the sharpie and whispering:)
from here I was really zoning out as I was super into the outlining :P so pardon me being so spaced out.
I hope you liked this! :) ♥

Nailpolish: NYC "Park Ave." plus dots with a white polish marker, in the second half of the video I applied matte top coat to lower the extreme shine of my nails :P

Sweater: Burlington Coat Factory, hours of looking through clothes helped me find this one :)

Ring: I will go over all of my rings and links of where I get them very soon. I will make my ring collection video in the next month. :) ♥
Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***

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Jan 17th 2015 1019 Comments
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2 weeks ago
Sharkie LuvLove this video <3 Could you maybe do something with packed snow? Like
walking in it or using it or something? I get tingles when I hear it :)
2 weeks ago
WhispersUnicorn .I feel like this is an inkblot test and all I see are vaginas.
I love you Maria!!!
2 weeks ago
kenneth flatleyis maria illuminati? let's find out...
maria has 5 letters
maria comes from russia
russia has 6 letters
6 times 5 is 30
30 divided by 10 is 3
a triangle has 3 sides
illuminati confirmed.
2 weeks ago
ardra nealaMust comment before completely incapable of forming sentences. I can *feel*
your concentration when putting down the colours and that's a huge trigger
for me, to feel someone looking. Your up close whispering is the best
arrrg. I always love the little details and I feel like all your colours
were planned out, your shirt, nails and the backdrop, the paper on the
table all matches to create this rich earthy colour palette and your hair
and lipstick are like a pale flower in the middle... Ok I sound creepy lol
Hmm is this why there is so much green tone? To make us calm and to keep us
from getting fat? *eats fudge* 
2 weeks ago
William HigginsWow, I've never seen such nice people in the comments section before.
Usually there's a lot of belligerent assholes in the YouTube community but
definitely not here! Maybe people that experience ASMR are just nicer in
general haha
2 weeks ago
Severian WintermuteAll I see is penises and vaginas. Help me.
2 weeks ago
Juan AmayaSerious question: do you get just a little bothered by the fact that maybe
you'll like to tell us something, but some viewers are here just for
sleeping and tingles? Anyway I'm here for the story, tingles and
relaxation, thanks Maria.
2 weeks ago
tingletalesThank you for always making such relaxing and fun/interesting videos,
Maria! and that's such a cute top, i love it
2 weeks ago
brittany begleyWhat's that you say? Drop everything you're doing and watch an ASMR video?
Okay, if you insist...
2 weeks ago
RavenZen00Hi Maria! I love all your videos! I've been watching for a few years now
but this is my first comment. Wishing you the best in 2015! Thank you for
sharing your gift with us! I appreciate all that you do! 
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