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*)*(* Happy 4th of July *)*(*

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Just a little relaxing celebratory video for you in an echoey style :) I hope you might enjoy it ♥ Thank you for watching ♥

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Jul 2nd 2015 575 Comments
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13h ago
ASMR BullyWell, American history always put me to sleep anyways.
18h ago
GentleWhispering ASMRHi everyone, just to clear things up... I was very inspired to make this
video after I visited T.Jefferson house in Virginia. As soon as I touched
this paper and saw a feather I had a burning need to make a video with
them. I do realize that this video just like most of my videos are not
to everyone's taste and that's great because we are all different and
that's beautiful! I only ask to not look for any hidden messages,
disrespectful meanings to this because it is just me telling you history
facts. I do care about both my home countries and I think it shows in
everything I do but I also love humanity and the world as a whole and would
never separate anyone into important/not important categories as well as
any events or holidays, otherwise I'd have to apologize to every
religion for every Christmas/Easter video I made. This is just my "art",
it's effected by my life and my experiences, because that is all I know,
if I feel the need to make a video, I go for it, if I didn't you'd never
see majority of my videos. I am in a very good place in my life right now,
I am happy, I am healthy, my head is leveled and I feel the love for the
people and all living things oozing out of me so I create these videos as
an outlet to share it with everyone without asking for anything in return.
Well may be a smile :) Thank you. I feel very inspired lately and I want to
make more videos for you, all of you and I hope you will see it as my
expression of love in the style that is weird but is pure and that comes
from my heart, not as a message/threat/disrespect/political agenda. I thank
you for watching this video. Good night :) ♥
18h ago
GentleWhispering ASMRЭто видео я была вдохновленна сделать после экскурсии в усадьбу Томаса
Джефферсона. Как только я взяла в руки вот эту копию Декларации о
Независимости и увидила перо, я тут же загорелась сделать с ними видео.
Кроме того, я получила двойное гражданство недавно, для которого я учила
историю США, что еще больше меня подбодрило. Никакого подвоха, двойного
смысла в этом не нужно искать ребят. Мне понравился звук бумаги и пера,
возникла идея и я ее воплотила в видео. Точно также как произошло с видео
Литвиновой, посмотрев ее интервью мне загорелось сделать видео в ее облике,
не один иностранец не был в обиде. Я делаю видео из вдохновения, если его
нет, то и видео нет. Дело не в праздниках, традициях, языках и запросах.
Дело в том зажгла ли меня мысль или нет. Я вас очень люблю и понимаю ваше
желание видеть больше видео на русском, я стараюсь быть честной и делать
все только от души, поэтому видео всегда разные и часто не те, что все
хотят видеть, но ничего, это особенность моего характера делать только так,
как я чувствую правильно на данный момент :) Буду стараться делать больше
на русском. Спасибо ♥
21h ago
Violet HuberPlease make a video of you painting your nails!
22h ago
Mirjam van den HoornI'm gonna steal the Declaration of Independence! 
24h ago
Timothy CorcoranHappy upcoming 4th of July America you Rock!!
1 day ago
Livy MartinsI thought that the feather was some sort of weird claw hand and it freaked
me out. 
1 day ago
Eduardo PortasSo does this video mean will see others about the end of the Berlin Wall?
Or even the Soviet Revolution? Lots of interesting documents about those
two critical historical moments also exist :]
1 day ago
M8SCORPIO8RWow! You got the declaration of Independence...?! That's insane :O ;P
1 day ago
Cody LivelyYou should do a video on Russian holidays! That would be interesting:)
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